You Can Tie a Tie, But Can a Tie Tie You?

5 reasons to wear a tie

In the modern-day, more and more young people are forgetting why ties were worn in the first place. As we move to make life easier, the hassle of wearing a tie outweighs its symbolic value. Let this post remind you why we should not let go of ties.

Reason #1 to Wear a Tie: Background Favors the Great

Neckties have represented order, honour, and nobility. The first ever to wear knotted neckerchiefs resembling modern-day ties were in 17th century Europe, Croatian mercenaries serving in France indicated their position and alliances with this apparel. King Louis XIV of France admired the neckwear so much, he started wearing ties as a status-style item. Ties command respect and power.

Reason #2 to Wear a Tie: Confidence.

Ties are symbolic. In precisely the same way that glasses make you look smart, ties make you appear confident. If you wear a tie, with complete assurance, those around you may assume you have certain qualities and skills. Wear a tie if you wish to appear distinguished.

Reason #3 to Wear a Tie: Career.

Ties always indicate professionalism. Even if you work in a casual workplace, a tie can only improve your presentation. Impress your boss and colleagues by being the man who puts a bit more effort into his appearance by wearing a contemporary tie, such as a skinny tie. A tie is a professional accessory regardless of job positioning.

Reason #4 to Wear a Tie: Aesthetics!

Let’s not pretend here. Looking great should be the #1 answer to the question “why wear a tie?” Nothing says sharp-dressed like a carefully chosen necktie. You will want to select a width which works for your body type. Individuals who dress well tend to be catered to more; that is a simple fact of life, whether we like it or not.

Reason #5 to Wear a Tie: The Extra Mile.

Ties tend to quantify a bit under 60 inches, so if you should scale out that according to the respect barometer, they actually go a long way. Who would have thought that a rather small piece of cloth would make such a significant effect? The King of France actually. And innumerable noblemen, soldiers, founders, and CEOs following him.