Learning to Design Sneakers 101

If you want to design a fresh pair of sneakers, then the first step is learning how to draw a shoe. Drawing will now become your language and in order to produce something you need to know it well. Your drawings are the way that you communicate each and every one of your ideas. You need to show your passion in the drawings and be able to create a drawing that captures your passion, creativity and the possibilities when you go to your first design meeting. You may think hand drawings are a thing of the past with all the technology that exists now however this is not the case. Spend time working on drawing the mid-soles and bottoms, if you can draw out-soles well you will always be demanded. You might want to use a sneaker magazine for some inspiration to get your imagination flowing, whatever the case; there are many things you can do.

Design school

In order to design the best sneaker, you need to attend a design school. You are looking at around four years to study at college, but it will give you great insights and the skills and experience you will need. In the design school you will be working beside creative people that will help you be the best you can. Pen-soles offer a great show design program.

Building a good portfolio

You need to get noticed. Start your design portfolio and get it to the launching stage. An online portfolio is a must, with this you can show hundreds of your designs and drawings. Time to let people see what you can do. Consider having various different sections on your website or portfolio to help narrow down your audience’s perception of your site.

Study the classic designs

Don’t go looking for painters when we say classics instead looking for the classic shoe. Learn the updated history on shoes and learn the silhouettes of all the big-name brands. Consider looking at older sneaker releases to see how the times have changed and how much innovation has taken place.

Add more to your imagination

In order to become a shoe designer then you will need to look further than the shoe. There is a huge pile of industrial designs out there to find. Think Prada, Apple, Porche, Frank Gehry. Research the web and find modern designs and study them, take it all in and see what you can make with all the different inspiration.

Use old shoes to your advantage

You need to understand how shoes are put together and learn their assembly from start to finish. The best way to do this is to dissect a shoe. Find some old shoes cut them up and learn how to assemble it. There is no point drawing designs if they simply cannot be made. A new shoe design is a good way to challenge yourself.

There is more to becoming the best sneaker design and it requires hard work and the ability to accept rejection. You may design one hundred shoes until one is accepted. Talk to people what do they want to see in a sneaker? What do they like about the big-name brand designs? Research all the new data and trends coming out and learn what you can. gain the determination to create the best sneaker and don’t stop until you do. Put your mind to it and you might be surprised what you can actually come up with.