How to get an internship during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, unemployment has peaked due to social distancing measures and business closures. You can still get your hands on an internship if you know how to get creative and adapt well.


Creating your own internship in the virtual world

Due to many employers moving online, it means there is no office where you can go now. Don’t let that put you off or think that it ruins your chances. In fact, with businesses moving to the online world, it means there are more opportunities for you to start working virtually. You can participate in remote internships. Creating a virtual internship is possible if you were already being interviewed or if you are still managing to network and make new connections. You need to be prepared to show just how you can help the employers. demonstrate that you can help them to fill in the gaps that are occurring during this outbreak. It is time to take advantage of the situation at hand and try to get an internship with an employer in locations that you otherwise couldn’t have.


Try to show plenty of initiative when you are pitching a virtual internship. This is how you can stand out to employers and show some grit. The more employers are adapting to the crisis, the more you have a chance of getting an internship.



Micro-internships are another avenue that you can look at during the virus outbreak. A micro internship is a short term project or assignment. You are an independent contractor who is working on a job for a company. This means you are in charge of your own time if you can ensure that the job will be done. There are plenty of websites that offer students and graduates micro-internships, so you should start your search from there.



Look at who is hiring 

With unemployment rising and businesses closing, it is easy to assume that there won’t be anyone hiring. In every down market, many employers still need to run their business so they will still be looking for people. Large tech companies, financial services, health care, consulting services and business software companies are all a good spot to start. Online is a good source to find those places that are still hiring and are needing positions filled.


Build your skills up

Employers will value the skills that you can bring to the company. If you are finding it hard to land an internship at the moment, then use the time to build new skills. Employers look for written and verbal communication skills and problem-solving skills, which are easy skills that you can start building at home now. The best internships in Australia require skill.


Create your own projects such as designing an app, creating a marketing campaign, write code, solve a business problem or even start a blog. To start with, you can think of it as a school project. You should be thinking about the current issue and give yourself a task and come up with a fresh solution.


Do what you can in your spare time you have so you can show potential employers what you can offer them and just how you can benefit their company. It is important not to give up. You want to be doing your best at all times and don’t let any time go to waste. Keep searching for an internship and an opportunity will present itself eventually. Hard work is always rewarded. If you are struggling to find an internship, ask friends and family if they know anyone that could help you out.