Common Kitchen Renovation Blunders to Avoid

white and timber kitchen

How nice is the thought of a brand new kitchen and one that is exactly how you envisioned it? If your cooking area just doesn’t suit your needs or severely needs updating, then it may be time for some renovations.  Don’t rush into carrying out renovations as it is costly and if you make the wrong choices, they can leave you with regrets. Making kitchen mistakes when renovating is more common than you’d think. Here are the common kitchen renovation blunders that builders and designers know about all too well.

Choosing design over practicality

We can all get sucked into the wonderful designs we see on TV, the internet or social media. The thing to think of here is will it fit in your house. Make sure the colour, materials and even the style will suit everything around it. There is no point creating a modern kitchen if the rest of your home has the farmhouse look to it. Don’t cram a luxury kitchen into a very small kitchen as this will just make your space cramped. Hiring a professional interior designer to do your kitchen renovations is a good idea as they can create a well-designed space according to the size and functionality of the room.

Forgetting the realities

Functionality is the key to ensure you research when planning out your new kitchen. What would your home most value in the kitchen? Is it more space to eat? More bench space to make lunch and prepare dinners? Figure out what your ideal situation for a kitchen is and then see how it will fit in with what you already have. Think about where your appliances need to go to suit your family and their cooking habits. How many people will be eating and cooking in the kitchen at once?

white kitchen bench with chopping board

Spending money where you shouldn’t be

Many renovators work on a budget for renovations so you will need to figure out a budget and consider what you are spending money on and where you should be saving it. People will often spend more money on looks that durable materials. For example, people might buy prettier tiles that are expensive but will buy cheap cabinet hinges that won’t hang the door properly and will end up moving about over time.

Using poor lighting in the kitchen

Once you are up to the final stages like taps and appliances people tend to suffer fatigue and are over the process. People tend to choose the lighting last and this can lead to quick decisions that were not thought out. Take time to consider where you need extra lighting and what type of lighting is most suitable. if you have a specific area where you prepare food then extra lighting here is needed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to save money by installing fewer lights. It can be frustrating as well as bad for your eyes if you are trying to work in poorly lit areas.

Don’t DIY where you shouldn’t

Whilst DIY jobs are great for helping to save money, it should only be done for small jobs like changing taps and building a cupboard for the kitchen. Jobs like electrical work should not be carried out as a DIY job. You run the risk to yourself as well as causing a house fire for which insurance will not cover you as you did not use a certified professional. Not only is it unsafe but doing DIY jobs can make cupboards look out of whack and things not correctly aligned like tiles which can be expensive to get re-done. There are so many professional interior design businesses out there, do some research and find one that can support your kitchen design within your budget.